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Mold Testing in New London, WI

If you wish to avail a mold testing service that provides you exceptional value in exchange for your money, try opting for the services of our organization in New London. Our mold inspectors assigned to New London, WI are properly trained to discover the origin of the mold, no matter how heavily seated it may be in a consumer’s residence. Once contracted to work on your New London residence, our workforce will perform special mold testing procedures to check for the presence of mold, pinpoint its type, and (with your consent) dispose of every instance of contamination. To acquire more details about our mold inspection solutions in New London, Wisconsin, contact our office at 888-351-0399.

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Professional Tradesmen for Professional Results

When compared to our firm, a great number of the mold inspection groups based in New London, WI are nothing more than hobbyists with a license to operate in this trade. We take our consumers seriously, as we comprehend the hazards they will be left with once the molds in their residences aren’t resolved correctly. Every specialist working for our establishment is exhaustively educated to conduct mold testing (for revealing the presence of mold and analyzing its species) and eradication methods, which simply means they are a lot more than capable of getting the task completed properly, and quickly. Additionally, their trustworthiness for serving customers is endlessly reinforced through ongoing workshops and special training seminars offered by the trade’s best experts. To make things even better, each man on our crew is bonded and insured, which stops financial obligations from landing onto your lap should any sort of accident occur!

Yes: You Really Should be Afraid of Mold Infestations!

It may not seem much, but the mold growing at your residence in New London, WI, is much more harmful than you most likely believe. Amongst the countless different varieties of this microorganism you ought to be wary of, our mold testing experts say that black toxic mold poses as the most significant threat to humans. Spores emitted by colonies of this species have been associated with a range of health disorders, including allergies, skin infection, and cough. Research has shown that lengthy exposure can cause acute respiratory disorders, cognitive impairment, and even death!

In the event you suspect mold growing someplace in your residence, our establishment’s mold inspection, examination and removal services are exactly what you’ll need. Our mold inspectors have the ability to perform tests (e.g. air testing, bulk testing) necessary for confirming the existence of the fungus, and figuring out if it poses as a hazard to you and your house mates or not. If the problem has spread to inaccessible parts of your property (e.g. within your walls), feel comfortable knowing that this won’t hinder us from doing what we’re paid to do. And if we must break a few “barriers” (e.g. your wall) to eliminate the root of the problem, we will be sure to perform inspection tactics which cause marginal damage to your property.

Our Rates are Hard to Beat

New London is home to a variety of mold inspection experts, but the majority of these establishments charge their customers unfairly. With our organization, however, you will not have to worry about overshooting your budget, since we offer our services at a rate that’s noticeably less than what these groups are asking for. Although more affordable, our specialists aren’t going to cut corners while working on any project, as our good reputation in New London, WI relies upon the exceptional quality of our labor. By managing our business in this manner, you’ll be able to enjoy a superior service at a rate that will be within your means.

Get in touch with our office at 888-351-0399, and we’ll be very happy to provide any additional details regarding our mold inspection solutions in New London, WI.

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