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Mold Testing in Kenmore, WA

Why devote any more time searching for a mold testing group when you’ve already found our company? Our mold inspectors based in Kenmore, WA are skillfully trained to find the source of the mold, regardless of how heavily seated it is in a client’s house. Once employed to work on your Kenmore property, our team will conduct special mold testing procedures to verify the presence of mold, discern its species, and (with your authorization) dispose of every case of contamination. To enjoy one of the most economical and respected mold inspection services in Kenmore, Washington, phone us at 888-351-0399 right now.

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We Choose the Best Professionals to Service Our Consumers

Our company is far different (and much better) than a lot of the novice mold inspection organizations posing as specialists in Kenmore, WA. In this business, inadequately or incorrectly working on any mold-related project is basically identical to not working on the job at all. Every contractor working for our organization is diligently trained to conduct mold testing (for both discovering the presence of mold and analyzing its species) and eradication techniques, which essentially means they’re considerably more than capable of getting the job accomplished accurately, and quickly. We also require our contractors to be present at special training courses as a way to constantly improve their skills for the benefit of all clients. To make matters even better, each man on our team is bonded and insured, which prevents financial obligations from landing onto your lap should an accident occur!

The Greatest Threats Tied to Mold Invasions

A portion of our customers from Kenmore, WA have learned they had mold problems the hard way (e.g. after getting sick). Among the 1000s of different forms of this fungus you have to watch out for, our mold testing specialists say that black toxic mold poses as the biggest threat to humans. Spores released by colonies of this species have been associated with numerous health conditions, including allergies, skin irritation, and cough. Numerous studies have also established a link between lengthy contact with the mold and severe respiratory disease, organ damage, cognitive disability, and other health-related problems.

In the event you suspect mold growing someplace in your residence, our corporation’s mold inspection, examination and elimination solutions are exactly what you’ll need. Our mold inspectors have the ability to perform tests (e.g. air testing, bulk testing) required for determining the existence of the fungus, and determining whether it poses as a threat to you and your loved ones or not. If you’re concerned that the fungus is growing somewhere within your walls, or just underneath your rooftop, don’t be: we’ll carefully examine these hard-to-reach areas, while making sure none of the colonies are disrupted. And if we have to break a few “barriers” (e.g. your wall) to kill the root of the situation, we will be certain to execute inspection techniques which result in minimal damage to your home.

Our Service Fees are Economical

Have a look around the whole Kenmore area, and you’ll find a lot of mold inspection groups providing their services at an absurd rate. This is where HEASC Mold Services stands out, as our services are specially made to provide top notch results at rates within the spending budgets of our highly regarded consumers. And irrespective of how insignificant or extensive the infestation in your Kenmore, WA home is, we are going to make certain that we perform all tasks as diligently as we will be able to. This approach allows you to receive what you need at a a fantastic rate, and at the same time, warrant our company’s success in this competitive industry.

With that said, you’re more than welcome to learn more about our mold inspection services in Kenmore, WA by contacting our office at 888-351-0399 today.

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