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Mold Testing

Mold can cause serious illnesses including respiratory and skin disorders. Mold can also cause serious damage to your home and property. It is imperative, as a home or landowner, to test for mold in your property in order to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

Mold testing is an excellent way to tell if you have a mold problem in your home, where the mold problem is, and what type of mold is growing in that problem area. It is possible to conduct mold testing on your own, but it is much preferable to hire a professional who has experience collecting and analyzing mold samples in order to have the most successful and accurate test possible.

Three Main Types of Mold Testing Performed by Professionals:

1)      Air Testing: Air testing for mold is the best way to decipher the concentration of mold spores in the air of your home. Air testing is the best way to test for mold if you cannot find any visible mold.

2)      Surface Testing: Surface testing is done by taking swab samples of different surfaces around your property to determine the mold spore concentration in different areas.

3)      Bulk Testing: Bulk testing for mold is done by sending many pieces of furniture or equipment from your home to a laboratory to be tested for mold. Bulk testing is ideal to give you an idea as to the extent of your mold problem.


One type of mold testing is not reliable on its own. It is best to have all three types of tests performed in your home by knowledgeable professionals in order to get the most accurate reading of your mold problem.

The more information you are able to glean from the tests about your mold problem, the better. If you are able to identify the species of mold, and where it is growing in your home or property, you will be better able to eradicate the problem completely. Mold testing will also help you to test the air quality of your home to be sure it is safe for you to be in while the mold is being removed. Once your mold problem is removed, mold testing may be used to make sure the problem is dealt with completely.

Mold can be a potentially deadly problem, so be sure to have professional mold testing done in your home to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones.

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